Movement in Worship is a relational network. One of the ways we outwork this is by establishing bases.

There are currently ten ‘Movement in Worship’ Bases. Each base has a Core Team which includes local / regional Church oversight providing covering, anointed movers, teachers and practical support personnel. They outwork differently depending on the needs of their regions.

Regular courses, from the range of different courses on offer, are run at these bases. The bases aim to train up local people to promote MIW in their region. Teams from each base also travel throughout their regions teaching workshops and dancing at events:

Contact Details

City Gate Church
Brighthelm, North Road, Brighton,
East Sussex, BN1 1YD

Tel: 01273 693807


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Brighton – England

City Gate Church

Movement in Worship began in Brighton, supported practically and financially by City Gate Church.

There is still a strong focus on worship and creativity there. Regular MIW workshops are hosted there. In recent years the team there have been involved in developing and regularly hosting two initiatives to outwork the “worship – breathing in”, “mission – breathing out” rhythm. The first being ‘…Stepping Beyond’ a creative worship event which happens every couple of months. The second ‘Oasis Life.Rhythm.Spirit’ an outdoor missional event which takes our worship into the community.

The Brighton Base Team is led by Andy Au, Kirsty Jamurath and Adele Templeton.



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Birmingham – England

Churchcentral Birmingham

The Birmingham base has now been fully launched and is now active. For many years we have been aware that there has been a gap in MIW activities in the Midlands. This has been in response to the surge of people wanting to connect and take on the vision and values of ‘Movement In Worship’. It is an exciting time for what god is doing in the Midlands concerning movement. Already a partnership with Burn that meets bi-monthly, has been established, with movers from the base supporting what God is doing through musical worship.

The Base is led by Prinith de Alwis Jayasinghe, Drew Crow, Carmen Clarke and Kate Organ.  Spiritual oversight is provided by Owen & Anna O’Brien from  Churchcentral Birmingham.

To contact the base, email



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Colchester – England

Kingsland Church

The Colchester Base was established in 2017 and meets once a month on Tuesday evenings at Kingsland Church. People come from across Essex for a creative worship adventure, exploring dance, drumming, banners, staffs, mime, art and poetry. Members of the Base regularly participate in mission and work with the local churches to bring colour and vibrancy to the streets as they join outreaches across Essex.

The Base is led by Michelle Tennens, Susanna Harrington and Dave Watts. Spiritual oversight is provided by Neil Loxley from Kingsland Church. To contact the base, email



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South East London – England

South Croydon

The South East London base was established in 2015. They lead training and facilitate Movement in Worship at workshops and events across London and the South East. Recently, they have developed partnerships with “I Will Worship – Scott Moles and
Friends” and Croydon Burn 24-7.

As a resource base, they provide creative banners for worship. For more information visit

The base is led by Desmond and Claudet Hedman who are supported by a committed team of movers. Spiritual oversight is provided by Pastor Delroy and Co-Pastor Caroline Smith of Paga Outreach Ministries.


[ON HOLD] Moving with Banners - St. Albans, UK
09 May 2020 at 11:00 am - 4:00 pm[ON HOLD] Moving in Paint - St Albans, UK
13 June 2020 at 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Watford – England

Watford Community Church

In recent years many key Movement in Worship people have been clustering together in the Watford area. This base is emerging in response to all God is doing here.

The Watford Base Team is led by Rachel Whitby, Mel de la Ford and Justin Watkins, supported by a super team and spiritually overseen by Helen & Tim Roberts from Watford Community Church.


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Edinburgh – Scotland


The Edinburgh Base Team head up Movement in Worship across Scotland. They are involved in facilitating creativity and dance at various events, in particular Glory in the Cowshed.  Scotland has provided the location for many of the Worship & Mission Dance and Percussion Summer Schools. In recent years the team there have been involved in developing and regularly hosting two initiatives to outwork the breathing in (worship), breathing out (mission) rhythm.  The first being the Next Wave – a creative 72hrs of worship several times a year–and the second ‘Spirit Rhythms’, a missional event which takes worship and connects with people in venues like Caffe Nero and Costa.

The Edinburgh Base Team is led by David & Maggie Hewitt who run the Wellsprings community, a house of prayer and worship. They are assisted by Lyndsay Stewart, Judith Forbes and Rachel Hewitt.  See their website for more info on events.


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Berlin – Germany

Go Worship

The Berlin Base emerged from Movement in Worship’s involvement in heading up the dance team at the Calling All Nations – a worship event held in the Olympic Stadium in 2006. This base is the outworking of partnership between the UK and Germany.

The base is hosted by ‘Go Worship’ a city-wide worship ministry headed up by Alex and Roland Agbor. See their website for more info on events. Alex heads up MIW in Germany and there’s a committed team based in Berlin headed up by Gosea Reichenecker and Sandra Kretschmer.


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Chennai – India

YWAM Beach Centre

The India Base began in 2004 when a team from the UK went to teach on the YWAM School of Worship. Since then teams have gone each year to teach on Movement in Worship. The YWAM students have used movement for worship, intercession and mission all over India and in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Many former students are now church leaders and worship leaders still finding that what they learnt through Movement in Worship is effective and useful.

The Beach Centre is lead by Cheryl and Richie Kleinman. See their website for more info.


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Southern States – USA

Alabama – Louisiana – Mississippi – Tennessee

The Mississippi base began in 2011 with a Movement in Worship event hosted by Charlotte Leonard and Raised Praise Banners, that gathered many participants from all over the USA.

Since that time the Movement in Worship family has grown and developed across the southern states. The base now also includes Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee.

The team leaders are Terry and Charlotte Leonard (Mississippi); Debra Overby, Shelly Foster, Lisa Young (Louisiana), Rhonda Bonner (Tenesse and Alabama). For more information visit: base-movement- in-wo

Key partners are Christian World Missions and spiritual oversight is provided by Johnny and Debbie Buckner from New Horizons Christian Fellowship in Starkville, Mississippi.


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Texas – USA

The Abbey Church

The base is hosted by The Abbey Church which is led by Paul and Perrianne Brownback. See their website for more info on events. The Texas Base Team is led by Janelle Mongomery.

We regularly travel to the USA and have also have key relational partnerships there in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alaska.