Breathing In, Breathing Out

We see journeying with God as a continuous flow with two main directions which are intrinsically linked: “Worship – breathing in” coming into Gods presence and “Mission – breathing out” taking Gods love and presence out to the world.

Breathing In: Is coming into the Presence of God, into the throne room of God. Embracing Him in the most intimate of ways, knowing Him and being known by Him. Deepest thoughts, deepest feelings, even the sensing His presence in our bodies, (flesh, blood, bones and tissue). For He is in all things, even our physicality.

Breathing Out: Is taking the Presence of God into the communities of this world. Taking His embrace, and embracing the world with His goodness. Believing that worship changes the supernatural atmosphere. That worship opens up doorways to God where people passing might get a glimpse of God.

The course that best encapsulates this is our “Essence: Equipping for Spirit-led Mission & Worship