Louise Howitt – Colchester

Click ‘Play’ to hear Louise share her story about how she felt called to worship Jesus in movement and how she connected in with Movement in Worship…

Maggie Hewitt – Edinburgh

We held Edinburgh Summer School a few years back and when we took the group into the Castle, Andy danced with the jumbo rainbow banner. It felt a really significant time, expressing worship (and Life) in the heart of the city, in a key stronghold. A few weeks later, I was in a cafe nearby and saw a report in an arts magazine that a Chinese installation artist had planned to ‘place’ above Edinburgh Castle a black rainbow, by firing gunpowder into the sky. However, he had tried 3 times but had failed, due to bad weather. I praise God that another Chinese man had danced with a rainbow banner in the same spot; worship changes the atmosphere of a city. Life overcomes death!

Anna-Lena Gaffey – Hampshire

“Thank you for what you do! Your work is so powerful and releases so much freedom into the body of Christ. I am really thankful for your ministry.”

Kate Green- Moving in Paint Workshop – May 2019

“Thank you so much for Saturday, I loved it! Gloriously messy, wonderfully freeing and powerfully prophetic. It was everything I was hoping for and more.

For me personally it was a good exercise in stepping out of my comfort zone in a safe place – to make noises and to create movements in front of people was a real stretch for me but doing it in the context of paint made it so much easier.

I felt it genuinely impacted how I felt yesterday in the midst of a very busy demanding family day with a million things to get done, there was a fresh grace I was walking in.

God really moved and met me in the last exercise. At the end I heard God chuckling over me,
delighting in the scene – standing there, covered in paint, meeting with God, learning to move, blessing others – I couldn’t have been more in my element, it couldn’t have been designed any better and whoosh came such an overwhelming sense of his love and tender affection towards me.”

Apoorv – Mumbai India

That week I had been praying to God to “help me be the me you have created me to be”. I believe that the workshop was answer to my prayer as the real me started coming to the surface.

I have lived a shame based personality most of my life and have never really been able to step into the light. Your workshop provided a nurturing environment for me to step into the light. Even then, this was extremely hard to do and at one point I even froze in my tracks. My dead imagination did not let me go further. I was reminded of past experiences of abuse where I had questioned and blamed God as to why he had allowed it. But there was no place to hide on the dance floor and friends came to the rescue to fill me with Gods Love. I definitely felt a breakthrough and liberation by the end of the workshop. The Lord had filled my mouth with laughter for which I am forever grateful. It is now my endeavour to honour myself in the Lord by embracing all that He has called me to be – enjoying my God given identity, authority and inheritance in Christ Jesus. I pray for more such spaces and opportunities for people to come and experience healing and restoration without fear of being judged.

Vaihoi – Chennai India

“Through this teaching my whole concept of worship has widened and broadened.  I never knew that my movement in worship could be this powerful.  I want to express how I enjoyed the presence of God during moving but it’s beyond what words can say, because it’s too powerful.”

Rachel Whitby – Watford

Prophetic Movement: My first experience of prophetic movement was at the end of my Discipleship Training Course. It was so simple and yet profound. I was picked up & flown around the room by Andy & David Ramos like super girl – to my great delight. I was crying & laughing at the same time. Andy was moving me like this because of a dream he had had the night before, where he had picked me up & helped me fly. I was overwhelmed because what he didn’t know was that my choreographed piece as a finishing part of the course, which he hadn’t seen, was all about wanting to fly and wanting to get free from lies. I knew in that simple action that God knew my heart cry, that for me prophetic movement held a particular edge. With MIW & Andy’s help I would learn to ‘fly’! I would learn to soar with God & do what I was created to do. I left that session feeling like I had come home, the community I had been longing for & looking for was found.

Bir – Nepal

I’m so pleased through the teaching of Movement in Worship. MIW is one way to worship God in spirit and in truth. We have many ways to worship God. Sometimes I can’t focus on God in worship time by playing guitar and singing. But through Movement in Worship I experienced that we can worship God with all our heart, mind, soul, strength and using our whole body by focusing on God.

Julie Heaton – Bognor Regis

Nine years ago, I came for the first time to “try” a workshop with MIW. My first clear memory, was of being asked to express through my body movement, how I was feeling, about the prospect of participating in this workshop. I shut my eyes and tentatively reached around, like a person blind to their surroundings, but trying to discover what lay hidden. That night I returned home and dreamed. I saw two banners flying, one representing LOVE, the other FAITHFULNESS. Over the following months I made, and have since been flying these banners. These two words perfectly define the experiences I have subsequently received every time I have joined together again with this body, still anticipating discoveries new.

I have always been welcomed as a friend even after long absence. There is an intimacy shared. I am currently enjoying the discipleship training course, I did question at age 48 and after nine years, is this for me? The pleasure of coming together with worshipers and movers from all parts of the country and beyond cannot be replicated or experienced elsewhere. The presence of the Holy Spirit in these times is beautiful and magnified together. I cannot enjoy alone what we experience alongside each other.

In our most recent meeting we were asked to try to introduce ourselves through a movement. Again when I returned home the journey did not stop. I woke in the night with a song in my head.
“You’re full of life now, And full of passion, That’s how He made you, Just let it happen.” by united Pursuit. I am thankful, that time and again the journey is accelerated in the time I spend together with MIW but it does not end when we depart, I continue encouraged, refuelled and challenged. Thanking God for the blessing here.

Rachel Whitby – Watford

If I only see my MIW family once a year it is enough – it reminds me of heaven – where you aren’t the ‘odd’ one at your local church who likes to ‘waft’ & ‘twirl’ but where everyone is abandoned & accepting & where you can be yourself & you are loved as you are. It is home.

Ruthie Young – Repairers of the Breach Ministries, Mississippi USA

Transformation in the Mississippi Delta: God is on the move in the Mississippi Delta! In October 2013, Movement in Worship took a team to the Mississippi Delta and worshipped in a tiny little town there. Together we blessed the land and declared God’s love and His great plans for this little city.

Ruthie from Mississippi shares her latest report from May 2014:
“The city has decided to ‘clean up’ and beautify. There was an attempt to build a small park over 10 years ago, but it was never finished and is now grown up with weeds. The community is coming together to improve and take pride in their city, and are now in the process of building a playground and walking track.

There are many other issues in this tiny hamlet, as there are in so many Delta towns, but this is a huge beginning and we are looking with excitement to see what the Lord will do in this place.

In talking with Arthur Burk, who has great insight into praying for land, he was amazed that we had brought you in from Brighton to pray for this particular city. He felt that the worship you brought, because it was not simply following a worship leader, but it came from the heart of the individual’s design to release that into this particular land, was one of the things that is shifting this city.

His words were: “That the Father would bring a Chinese man from India to Brighton, empower him with the revelation of worship from design, then put him on the ground in this specific place is immense. This represents a HUGE investment on the part of our Father. There must be something in that tiny little city that is so big that He would make this kind of an investment!”

Thank you for having such an outstanding understanding of our design and for pursuing the revelation of worship from design, our core being. Thank you for being willing to come to the Mississippi Delta and make such a rich investment and impartation. We are all still amazed that you came and worshiped on our land with such extravagance. It really did impact this city. It has awakened the leaders of that city to the beauty of the Lord (They might not put it that way) and they want to change their city. I am reminded of the song:

“Did you Feel the Mountains tremble?” I would say, ‘YES!’ the Miss Delta felt the tremble of the power and the worship. “Dancers who dance upon Injustice.” The land and people are beginning to respond to the shaking of the Lord and justice is coming to the city.

Movement in Worship has helped us to move forward in our state. Love you all and are praying about our next time worshiping together!

Hatti Crawford – Scotland

Several years ago I was spending some time alone with God moving to music. As I moved I found myself crying, deep deep sobs. As I moved I laid down two staffs side by side and the sobbing increased. I was aware at the time that this seemed symbolic of a painful personal situation where I had to ‘put down and let go’ and I felt a release in being able to do something physically, as well as the freeing of my emotion. Not long after this my father and then my mother died within quite a short space of time, and they now lie together. My grief was in no way lessened but I did feel this affecting experience in some way helped prepare me to be able to let them go as well.

Douglas Quinton – UK

I have such amazing memories of the 2012 Scotland Summer School with some real breakthroughs in my life and some special times with God in the city, on the course with an amazing group of people, and while roaming Arthur’s seat. They will remain deeply treasured memories.

Maria Paola Rimoldi – Italy

There was a moment during our Training the Trainers course in June where we freely worshipped God together, and I felt so deeply and concretely the presence of God after a long period it was very difficult to experience that for me; I cried and thanked Him for that gift but for me was another confirmation of the anointing MIW group has to break the Heaven, move the Holy Spirit, and let God’s Grace and Mercy reveal to everyone.

Rachel Whitby – Watford

I never imagined being dragged around by my heels sliding all over the floor would be one of my best MIW experiences & I think it has happened a couple of times in an exercise going to the throne-room & back. Undignified yes. Hilarious yes. Overwhelming understanding in one action that you are seen & understood by the Father – because I knew those doing it did not know exactly what it meant to me. For me it meant God restoring fun & abandonment instead of fear – & affirming His Presence with me & with us all. One of the most overwhelming elements of MIW is the togetherness understanding – the impartation of understanding that we are all intrinsically together – the body, the bride that we affect one another – that we worship together, that honour is connection & acknowledgement.

Simone – Germany

I was always dancing when I was young, then I became a Christian and stopped dancing. But God brought it back to me – I did jazz dance and then started modern dance. After a year God told me to stop it and put me supernaturally on the email list for a workshop with Movement in Worship. I heard God saying: “go for it” – so I went! I was always praying to find a way to express things I see and feel during the worship. It was like sitting in a body and seeing things, wanting to do movements you can´t do.

I expected an open door for me in this workshop – but it was much more than I thought. I found a universe behind that door!!I was set free to express what I wanted to, and I found in Andy and Kirsty people with the same desire and heart. From this day on a journey began and I´m so thankful for this ministry because they encourage people to try different things, to set people free –it´s amazing. I also did the summer school in Brighton and had amazing intimate times with God; it changed so much in me!!

Adele Templeton – UK

Ireland2013I was part of an amazing experience that will stay with me for a very long time. During a MIW workshop at Mountain View Church, Bray, Ireland we visited a small mountain. This is of spiritual importance to the church as the pastor climbs and prays on this mountain top every day. We moved as a group with staffs as a way of praying for blessing on Bray. As the 30 of us made our way up the green hill the sun shone down. When we gathered together at the top, dark ominous clouds were blown in along with a howling gale. Our 8ft sticks came in handy for gripping to the ground. The rain fell first and then the driving hail that stung your head and legs. We had to huddle together against the freak weather like penguins do. I can’t really describe to you how ridiculous the weather was, you had to be there. We were almost laughing with pain. As one group we stood firm for Bray. As the hail let up a little bit we started moving and dancing with the staffs; declaring peace and unity.

As we all brought our staffs together as an act of unity, I looked up as I felt the sun beginning to break through the grey and then suddenly someone shouts ‘Rainbow! Look it’s a rainbow.’

And as we looked down across the city of Bray there was a beautiful bright rainbow framing it. It was magnificent. The skies had cleared and God’s promise had appeared. God had witnessed our intercession, our request for blessing and sent his promise in the way of the rainbow.

This testimony continues to remind me of the power of prayer and movement. With God’s glory we can bring heaven on earth.

Rachel Whitby – Watford

MIW & Mission: I remember taking large flags up a hill outside of Edinburgh on a hot day summers day. We were following one another and one of the young men said that he felt like a right idiot & he didn’t really get it, but decided to join in anyway. We laughed as we both realised it didn’t matter! For some people they will really see & feel spiritual shifts when they move out – for others they will just feel out of their comfort zone. But the obedience & the togetherness & the faith is enough to do some kind of action; to represent our worship & prayer for the land is enough and that we can laugh!

Moving in a housing estate in Edinburgh, nobody was around except children who were drawn to the colour & sound of our movement. But as they drew towards us, they tried to steal the flags & mock us causing a disturbance. But as we continued to move, suddenly there is a shift! It was like a subtle change in the wind. There was simple unified movement happening & peace began rolling over the children and they tried to either join in or watch. It was beautiful.

In Slovakia with MIW, we combined with a Slovak team & moved in a square in Bratislava as part of a week of mission with the charismatic Catholic Church. After lots of unified movement, Andy moved out alone with one of the drummer’s crucifix, who was a priest. I don’t know what happened, but when Andy was moving I suddenly felt the land. I could feel the pain in the land & God’s heart for it. I guess the movement opened the way & I was on my knees sobbing with intercession for the land. It was on me for 15 minutes then left. I know that whatever we did, we did what we needed in that place & at that time for the Glory of the One.

Maria Paola Rimoldi –  Italy

During my Discipleship Training Course I was astonished to realize that I could receive prophetical words for other people through my movement and that others could receive them for me (I remember a person that saw little hearts under my feet and told me that when I was walking and dancing I would stamp footsteps of love everywhere, or when I was leaded to take care of a participant and protect her, covering her with cloths and driving away from her something bad. And at the end of the experience she told me it was something that had really spoken to her life). I must say that my prophetical “channel” is more active when I move worshipping God than then in other situations.

Carmella Knight – Jersey Channel Islands

I remember the first time I moved with MIW. It was the summer of 2011, when I attended the Summer School in Brighton. I had only been a Christian for a few months, and it was inspiring to be with people who wanted to worship God with everything! I loved the freedom and abandonment to express myself through movement, to dance with Holy Spirit and be at one with Him in worship. It was like I’d found my place, my people. I learnt to let go of held up emotions that week. As I moved I began to get lighter, become freer and start hearing God’s voice for myself and others around me. We danced to the sound and rhythm of the Psalm Drummers and it felt like we were moving to heavens heartbeat! One of my favourite moments that week was taking our worship outside and proclaiming God’s love over the city of Brighton using staffs and flags. We interceded for the land and came together as a people who love God with everything… to see His Kingdom come. It was incredible!