DTC – Discipleship Training Course

Amstetten, Austria
from January 2019

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The DTC aims to develop you physically, mentally and emotionally so that you are more able to outwork your God-given abilities in movement and dance. The course helps participants to hone and enhance their movement and dance gifts for both the local church context and in the wider community.

Content includes an inspiring blend of practical sessions and activities, rooted in a biblical basis for movement in worship. The many aspects covered include contact and trust, improvisation, choreography, worship and prayer.  The course consists of 7 one-day workshops over 9 months and on-going input from the teachers.

Our last DTC was in Brighton from September 2016 to July 2017.

We’re pleased that our next DTC, renamed as the ‘MIW Intensive Course’, is going to be hosted by our good friends in Amstetten Austria, beginning in January 2019.  Bookings are open and information about this course is available here.