Andy Au

Founding Director

Andy Au founded ‘Movement in Worship’ in the early 1980s. Since then, Andy has played a pioneering role in dance and creativity within worship in the UK and beyond.

Kirsty Jamurath

Coordinating Director

Kirsty Jamurath (née Hallett) coordinates ‘Movement in Worship’, and also dances and teaches. She is passionate about creatively worshiping God with everything and enabling others to be released into the fullness of all that God has for them.

The Collective

MIW is a relational international network of worshippers, aka the MIW Family. Our Collective (previously named Associates) is a group of passionate worshippers who are committed to the MIW Vision. Within the group is our pool of dancers and teachers.

Licensed MIW Teachers

Andy Au and Kirsty Jamurath (née Hallett) have played a major role in creating all of our courses and regularly deliver them. We also have pool of teachers within the MIW Collective who have worked with us for many years creating and delivering courses, particularly some of our Base leaders.

Recently we launched the MIW Training the Trainers course to train up teachers to deliver 3 of our core courses. This has been a strategic move to increase our capacity to respond to requests for courses, but also to ensure that the quality of our teaching is maintained. The first course ran in Brighton from 2012-2013 with participants from across the UK. The second course ran in Berlin from 2013-2014 with participants from Austria, Italy, Switzerland, UK and all over Germany. The third course ran in Scotland from 2015-2016.  The fourth course ran in South England with participants from Germany, Switzerland USA and all over the UK from 2018-2019. Our hope is to run the course in India and USA.

Many people have completed the Training the Trainers Course, and some of them have been licensed to teach the following courses:

Creative Movement
Moving with Banners
Intercessory Movement

Our licensed teachers currently include:

Anna Becker (Switzerland)
Natalie Bareham (UK – England)
Daniella Cromwell ((UK – England)
Drew Crow (UK – England)
Prinith De Alwis Jayasinghe (UK – England)
Melanie De La Ford (UK – England)
Judith Forbes (UK – Scotland)
Naomi Giffen (UK – England)
Anna Griffin (UK – Scotland)
Desmond & Claudette Hedman (UK – England)
Maggie Hewitt (UK – Scotland)
Louise Howitt (UK – England)
Carmella Knight (UK – England)
Sandra Kretschmer (Germany)
Miriam Kreuzberger (Austria / Germany)
Sharon Lee (UK – Scotland)
Franzi Piechocki (Germany)
Katrina Quinn (UK – England)
Gosia Reichenecker (Germany)
Maria Rimoldi (Italy)
Anna Shadbolt (UK – England)
Adele Templeton (UK – England)
Michelle Tennens MIW Rhythm Maker (UK – England)
Nancy Usher (UK / Germany)
Justin Watkins (UK – England)
Alex Weber (Germany)
Sherrelea Weber (UK – England)
Rachel Whitby (UK – England)