Movement in Worship Mentoring Course

The MIW Mentoring course is designed to help, develop and enhance the passion that we possess to worship God in movement as a personal gift, to be able to promote and impart it to others, and finally to use it to create streams in the desert.

It is for anyone who wants to develop their worship experience with God.

We have now run this course for two years, many from around the world have found this course uplifting, encouraging and insightful. They have access to wisdom and insights that have helped them navigate ministries, churches and difficulties that inhibit creativity in worship and mission.

This online mentoring course has three Threads:

The Creative Well

If you are looking to develop in yourself, a resource that will sustain you in your passion to worship God in movement. Come and receive guidance and encouragement in your journey to fully be released in your movement before God and others.


The Creative Fountain

If you are looking to develop your knowledge in order to impart and facilitate others in the Church. Come and be challenged to be a clear channel and advocate for movement in the context of worship.


The Creative Stream

If you are looking to use your worship in the public arena and create ‘streams in the desert’ through moving in worship. Come and gain help/advice from Andy on how to use what you have to take worship out into our communities.

Feedback from fully subscribed 2021 course:

“I am highly grateful for the inspiration I received from attending The Creative Well. Andy certainly draws his wisdom from the Lord above.  It is noticeable Andy is intimate with the presence of the Holy Trinity through Worship. His love flows from experience and knowledge to those who are eager to learn. I am looking forward to absorbing and releasing the following thread, The Creative Fountain, that Andy is mentoring next.” Diane Demers 2021

“Wow, you’re certainly fanning some flames with these mentoring sessions!  They are SO good; huge thanks.” Brig Baylis 2021

“It is SUCH a precious thing to get to be in the mentoring class!  Thank you!”  Shannon 2021


Andy Au:

Will be mentoring these small groups, drawing on his experience of 35+ years in worshipping God in movement in many different contexts, from small groups, churches large and small, conferences such as Spring Harvest, Soul Survivor to stadiums such as Wembley and Berlin Olympic. He also has many years of using movement in many outdoor spaces (national and international) from the mountains to the marketplaces; prophesying, interceding, worshipping and in outreach.

Each thread – the Well, the Fountain and the Stream – will be delivered in small groups over 6 fortnightly sessions online spread for a period of 12 weeks.   The aim will be to make space for personal sharing and discussion.  The cost of each thread is £250.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2024 mentoring Threads, places are going fast so apply now.

To sign up or for more information contact the office.