Andy Au first moves out in dance
‘Movement in Worship’ launched out of Brighton

  • Regular courses held in Brighton
  • Travel around the UK teaching
  • Dancing at Conferences

MIW becomes International: Andy Au has traveled extensively with teams – visited countries include Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, U.S.A.
Also teaching on YWAM schools of worship

Involvement with the Christian Dance Fellowships: Andy Au is an advisor to the CDFB, and member of the ICDF Committee.

Andy Au and MIW Dancers have danced and taught at many UK Christian Conferences including Festival, Pioneer Conferences, Spring Harvest, Clan Gathering, Grapevine, Soul Survivor, Glastonbury, Eagle camp, Icthus Revival camp, Salt & Light, etc…


Coordinated dance for ‘Champion of the World’ at Wembley Stadium
March for Jesus – leading March & Choreography


Began to develop Edinburgh – Scotland Base
Began to develop Texas – USA Base
Continuing networking – over 900 on database


Experimental Creative Worship Conferences ‘Taste of Heaven’ experimenting with Sight, Smell, Sound, Space
Continually Expanding Team: Network of relationships working together


MIW Association launched – a network of 40 dancers and teachers committed to MIW’s Vision


Regular cycle of workshops / Summer Schools / DTCs at Brighton, Edinburgh and Texas bases
Still continuing to network – over 1000 on database


MIW co-ordinated the creative visuals and dance at the ‘Calling All Nations’ Berlin Olympic stadium event. This included leading a team of 160 Dancers, Creative and Support people from many nations.


MIW led the the Dance Team for the London Global Day of Prayer West Ham – Upton Park Stadium event.
Began to develop Berlin – Germany Base.
Began to develop Chennai – India Base.
MIW dancers danced at the Commonwealth Carol Service at St Martin-in-the-fields Church


MIW Association continually expanding – a network of over 60 dancers and teachers committed to MIW’s Vision.
MIW led the Dance Team for the London Global Day of Prayer Millwall Stadium event.
MIW partnering more and more with Psalm Drummers and Evangelists to do Outreach on the streets… including Sheffield, Brighton Beach, the Edinburgh Festival and Windsor Castle.


Developing and expanding …Stepping Beyond creative worship events to conferences.
MIW Scotland team dancing at Clan Gathering.
Trainees from MIW Chennai-India base taking movement and teaching all over India.
Launching the Discipleship Training Course in Berlin-Germany.


The first two …Stepping Beyond 24-hrs of creative worship events were held in Southampton.
MIW Association continually expanding – a network of over 80 dancers and teachers committed to MIW’s Vision.
MIW led the Dance Team for the London Global Day of Prayer Millwall Stadium event.


MIW were part of the Passion of Christ at Brighton Seafront and Southampton Guildhall Square.

MIW led a School of Worship in Holland at the YWAM base, with students from Holland, Ireland, Indonesia, USA, Australia, South Korea, Rwanda and Egypt.

MIW held conferences in Mississippi and Texas – over 130 people attended from 17 different States.

MIW led a ‘Dance and Flags’ conference at the 2011 Mission Worship Conference in Eastbourne


MIW travel to USA twice and minister in Mississippi, Newark, Alaska and Louisiana, holding movement conferences, teaching on imagination and freedom.

MIW join the Switzerland International Banner team to help lead 150 people from 13 nations to worship and intercede for Switzerland.

MIW and Psalm Drummers join forces to create a cacophony of colour and rhythm at Big Church Day Out.

MIW travels to Ireland to teach at Dance Fellowship and Mountain View Church.

National Day of Prayer – MIW take a team to Wembley Stadium, joining thousands of people to worship and pray for our nation.

MIW Watford base is established.


MIW team join with Mountain Community Church in Ireland to intercede for Bray.

Europe Ablaze 2013 – MIW take an international mission team of 20 people from Austria, Germany & UK to Lagos Portugal, partnering with Psalm Drummers and prophetic evangelists, taking worship outdoors.

MIW and Psalm Drummers lead ‘Life Begins with a Heartbeat’ workshop at Greenbelt festival with 500 participants joining, to process through the site.

MIW take a team to David’s Tent in Sussex to support 72 hours of worship.

The first Training The Trainers (TTT) in Brighton is completed by 11 people from across the UK, learning to deliver 3 MIW signature courses in Creative Movement, Banners and Intercession.

Empowered by movement and prophetic conference in Louisiana and Mississippi, collaborating with Delta Force prayer network to intercede on the land.

‘7 I am’s’ – a new MIW workshop is held in Scotland, exploring the 7 I am’s of Jesus from the book of John, using movement.

November 2013 – the second TTT course starts in Berlin, Germany. 14 people attending from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, UK & Germany.


The second Training The Trainers (TTT) in Berlin, Germany is completed by 14 people from Austria, Italy, Switzerland, UK and all over Germany. Spreading into Europe

MIW and Psalm Drummers join forces to create another cacophony of colour and rhythm at Big Church Day Out.

Oasis Life.Rhythm.Spirit events in the Brighthelm Gardens, taking drum circles and movement into the community.


The third Training The Trainers (TTT) is underway in Scotland, with 12 people from all over Scotland and England. The pool of teachers is growing!

MIW and Psalm Drummers continue to partner with a fantastic Brighton Summer School and taking part at the Big Church Day Out.

A year of spreading East and West with MIW teaching spreading from Chennai India to Sri Lanka.  A Budapest adventure.  Also two fantastic USA trips in Californian, including teaching on the BSSM at Bethel Church, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

The MIW Association is renamed the MIW Collective.