Movement in Worship Wellness Retreats


Movement in Worship Wellness Retreats are a new stream started in 2021. At MIW we have been exploring physical, emotional and spiritual wellness through a series of retreats. Stepping back from the non-stop nature of our world, we invite you to come away for a weekend and Pause, Connect with Creator and each other, then explore different forms of worship. Using time outside in Creation we can connect on a deep level to the one who made it all.

Each retreat has its own specific theme but the heart is the same! To find the space to connect with God on a new level and respond through worship.

With topics such as Connecting through Nature, Responding to Stress and Learning to Soar using real Aerial Circus there is something for everyone.


Our current Retreat Venue is in Cheshire UK. For the dates of the next retreat please look at our events calendar. We would love to have you!

If you have any questions please get in touch!