Mumbai India – March 2018

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Andy and Kirsty returned to spend time with The Arts Collective Mumbai, joined by Katrina Quinn whose last time in India was at the Chennai Base in 2011. The visit was quite short but very sweet, with an ‘Intro to Banners’ workshop, a creative worship evening and kids’ workshop (see the video of it) at Avatar church in the rather hipster area of Juhu; and an Intercession workshop at Bombay Baptist church in Colaba in the very south of the city.


It was great to develop relationships formed last year and connect with new people – from several different churches and backgrounds. There was also time to fit in some city-sightseeing, lots of ubers and auto-rickshaws and plenty of tasty meals (and desserts!).


We were inspired and encouraged by the passion, creativity and open-ess at all the events/workshops and look forward to hearing about how The Arts Collective continue to move, bless and impact the city.


Here’s a poem that Katrina wrote at the Creative Worship evening, inspired by the Collective:

We plant seeds

with the little
with the lot
with the light
you planted in us

In the still-dry places

in the cracks
in the concrete
we plant seeds

One at a time

hearts in an open palm
the whole messy
pulsing raw vulnerable
lot of us

And we overthink

and lies echo
and the world doesn’t always understand
and we may be mocked
and we may be knocked down
and we believe we are not enough

And sometimes we’re the ones slipping

between the tracks
sometimes we’re
and the darkness


who hold onto a promise
the promise that we will not be
we are a rainbow people
a burst of joy
following the storm

The relief of fresh air

lungs when they’ve been
on nearly empty
for the longest time


our stories
are not all the same
we are the God colours
paint splatters
on a canvas cracked
and scarred

But ready

ready to be transformed
ready to dance
and live with
hearts and eyes
and palms open

Ready to plant seeds

ready to see transformation
ready to see new life
break in

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