MIW Sri Lanka Trip – March 2015 – report by Alison Lamothe

16 April 2015 1 comment 1

Our first day entailed working with a group of 60 children and staff in Palaam school in a nice large hall.  Children used to working at their own pace independently were given the freedom to express themselves in worship as individuals using movement and drums.  The enthusiasm to go for it was evident. The kinetic energy of the group was (at times) seemingly chaotic and loud, but overall focussed. The students and staff were opened up to something new that enabled them to express their love towards God in a different way; even if it was challenging for some.

Next we facilitated workshops at a creative worship conference in the city of Colombo.  Experienced and beginner movers attended the MIW stream of workshops.  For many a banner was not a new approach to expressing their worship – but moving their own bodies was.  Watching individual’s confidence grow was great.  Once again, joining together the drumming and movement stream was marvellous.  Exploring different rhythms through movement and percussion encouraged a deeper dynamic approach to worship that everyone was touched by e.g., spiritually, visually, audibly and intellectually.  At the end of the conference the evening session was a Colombo ‘Stepping Beyond’ time (a corporate creative session).  Through the smorgasbord of props: for movement and drumming, the displaying of art work, singing and testimony, joy was expressed; blessings were poured out; healing was offered; and eyes, minds and hearts were opened to a more fuller way of expressing individual and corporate worship – all to the glory of God.

There are the many individual stories of God touching lives across this trip; I’ll not forget it.  For me – I’m still reflecting on this remarkable time away (e.g., how I began to move with a different inner-rhythm that I’d never experienced before) and thanking God for the many different people in the family of God that I met.

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  • Christina says:

    Hi! 🙂
    I too study at Paalam International. and i must say that i really learnt alot that day. and it was certainly unforgettable! Thanks for coming! not only me but also all my friends were so happy and they did have a great time! All the very best and good luck to you guys! and May God’s blessings keep showering upon you all! 🙂
    thank you! 🙂

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